General Update

Hey everyone – I’ve made it to the brand new world of Asia.  I spent a few days in stinky Bangkok and now I’m hanging in Chiang Mai for a little while.  I’ll meet up with Andy Hart and KP in a week or so for some more Asian adventures in Cambodia.

For those wanting to contact me, I’ve misplaced my phone in Bangkok.  You can call me or WhatsApp me if you want to practice your Thai, but if you actually want to reach the real me then you can message me on Facebook, email me at, or Skype me at Drewskie227.  Throw back to the Dr Ewskie days.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated you all on where I’ve been.  Before Bangkok I was in Prague, Amsterdam, Heidelberg, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, San Sebastian, Madrid, Granada, Barcelona, and Cordoba.  Pics and stories to follow.

I don’t have a firm plan in Asia, but I do have the following booked:

  • December 1: Bangkok to Tokyo
  • December 17: Tokyo to Chicago

I’m going to book a flight home to DC for December 22 or 23.

Much love to everyone out there, see you all stateside in December.


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